Business and corporate financing look very different in the world of 360a. We are the future and the new normal. 360a believes in an overall Amplification along with you. We are your highly experienced global business advisors. We understand all business requires funding to grow to the next level and hence, here we go.....












Being a Business Architect firm, 360a goes beyond assists the company to strengthen their backends and streamline the business processes to increase your ROI. After multiple successful projects, our skills are recognized even by funders. We constantly being 

We work in a few ways with supplying companies with additional monetary support it needs. Among a few of the most commonly needed are: -

  • Startup Funding

  • SME Funding 

  • Singapore Bank Loan Advisory

Our team goes beyond assisting your company to strengthen your backend and streamline the business pipeline to increase your ROI. After multiple successful projects as a business architect firm, our skills are recognized even by funders that requested us to look into their post-investment management. 360a will help to support the businesses and streamline the development process to fully utilize your resources, bringing it to the next peak. Monetary injections are definitely favorable during desperate times. It is also useful for your expansion, and even better when your business is doing so well that it attracts more investors. 


  • If you think that getting SG GOV Grants is challenging, 360a will assist you, be it those that require an SG Gov-approved-management consultant or needing a grant expert to be temporarily attached to your company during discussions with government agencies.  360a covers EDG Grants, Startup Grants, Innovation, and so much more. Our experienced business architects and management consultants will share the best possible way to maximize your company's chances of growing. 

  • Should you think that a BANK LOAN is for you, but the process and selection of financial institutes is beyond your comfort zone, then 360a is here to assist you via a suitable consolidated loan for your needs along with explanations of the pros and cons of each choice. 360a assures you we will remain with you to support you throughout the application process. We focus on releasing you from the hurdles, allowing you to continue focusing on your revenue-generating activities. 


  • If you are a start-up or a growing SME, an expanding MNC looking at a PRIVATE FUNDS INJECTION, co-branding with big names, partial or full business acquisitions, mergers, or seeking other monetary opportunities for your projects, we have your back.

Write to us now, briefly indicating what you are seeking, and we will be in touch. We promise to provide a solution during our first call with you.​

What can be better? 


If 360a finds that your situation may be unique and able to combine a few different funding methods, we will arrange for all the different experts to analyze and work in high-level synchronicity to present you with the best-case scenario. When presenting the opportunities to you, we will show you each option with its own strengths and weaknesses. This gives you a transparent view without bias, helping you to decide the best solutions for your own business.

An opportunity to work with 360a means you get our famous support, from funding to ROI and anything in-between. With more than a decade of each specific industry experience and most business architects with our own shares of the business and working experience on top of that, all 360a personnel is well-connected to bring you what you need. 

To top it all off, we work in-sync with you to bring the best integrated 360° business solutions with no additional wastage or integration fees. We will present you with the best options and reduce your stress so you can do what you need to do. Our transparent approach is to bring all of our experience and resources to you without overloaded costs.   We streamline profit-benefits to bring you the best value with the least stress. In other words, it is well-integrated, synchronized, and managed.  Managing different service providers also means that business owners will lose their time and energy better spent developing revenue-generating activities. 360a ensures each part is integrated and your business is left to be free to build what is essential for your company.  


Allow 360a to help you stay focused.