Fast growth is what everyone wants. Growth, however, is a mixed blessing—especially rapid growth.

Does the following occur to you?

  • Struggling between sales and setting up the operation system?

  • Lack of budget employing the right SUPER-EMPLOYEE from picking up calls, book keepings, vendors negotiation, contract drafting, website copywriting, filling expenses in the office?

  • Overpaying employees that do barely partial jobs and spend half the time browsing the internet?

360a is preferred by multiple individual corporate investors globally for its strength in supporting your back-office, lowering your operation and production costs while increasing your productivity. The result? A 360 amplification of your ROI, along with boosting your marketing and sales. This leads to better-secured returns of funders' money. Should we think that more PR will help you, we will also advise accordingly. At 360a, we understand that your business did not easily earn each cent of your revenue. We do not blindly sell your services and make an action plan that moves at the right time for you.

360a is a place where we provide you a powerful turnkey service to boost your company centered around your corporate matters fully. This is why our name: '360a' implies we provide full, well-rounded services to any corporation. We pride ourselves on our global principal business architects and all of our precious assets.


With 15 years of specific industry expertise, a broad knowledge base, superlative industrial know-how in global SME and MNC projects, 360a understands that each company has its unique background. 360a arrives at every clients' site humbly, wanting to understand your needs. The deeper we understand, the better we can advise the best strategies to architect your business, bringing it to its next peak. 

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  • Increase productivity by 5% in 2 weeks

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Finding more capital is only one of the challenges to grow. You’ll also run into more significant challenges in marketing, strategy, human resources, and perhaps most of all, the transition from entrepreneurial to professional management.

Most people started businesses with an initial collective mindset to work towards passive income. Many founders and business owners agree that the initial "intention" was consigned to oblivion through learning and course-correcting along the way on recent research done by us.

Office operation shifts you from REVENUE generating activities. Focus on your REVENUE generating activities! Your passive income depends on it.  Our mission is to grow your business according to your vision. Let us help you to run and set up a system that works for your business at a fraction cost!